Why an Open House Can Cause Better Offers

Open houses

True Story

I had a seller recieve 10,000 above the list price simply because the buyer wanted us to take their offer before the open house. They actually put on an addendum that we must accept their offer prior to the open house. 

FEAR OF LOSS and Sense Of Urgency

Yes, the open house can bring additional interested buyers that may offer on your home but, the real strength is creating a fear of loss and a sense of urgency in the buyer's that see the home before the open house. If a buyer likes the home they fear the open house traffic that might come on Saturday and they will want you to accept their offer before the open house! 


In the video above, the buyer that came to the open house had wrote an offer the night before. They saw 2 other families at the open house at the same time as them. They revised their offer on the spot and made it worth accepting later that day. They increased their offer by 7000 and lowered their closing cost request by 3000. Make sure your agent holds an open house! Better yet, contact me and I'll make sure you get top dollar with all the marketing tricks we have.

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