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3rd in Most Closed Transactions

Amongst Re/max Agents in Utah- 2015



I realized today I personally had sold 300 homes by the time I turned 30 in September 2017. I was 22 years old when I first started and I looked like I was 17. It was 2009 and the market was still going down to it's all time low.

I asked multiple brokerages along State street If I could join and learn to sell homes. They said No, we are barely in business. I found one Broker John Harr Jr. who said Yes, We are doing better than ever by cold calling, door knocking from 8-12 everyday then meeting with our potential sellers we found on the phones from 6-10pm every night. My Broker John Harr Jr. would say that a full time job is not 40 hours a week. If you want to make a living in real estate in the recession you must work no less than 60 hours a week starting at 7am with role playing, sharpening your communication skills, then dialing on 2 headsets to find people who are going to sell their homes.

I one time dialed into a family who had dual citizenship with America and Canada. They financially were ruined in America and planned to go back to Canada. They literally signed the listing agreement, handed me the keys to their home and left for Canada and put my 22 year old self in charge of short selling their home with the bank. I had never done a short sale at the time and I had only ever listed a mobile home. This was my second listing and it was a beast of a scenario but, I learned and got it done in 30 days which was a miracle because most took 6 months-10months for approval. With the help of an amazing Buyer's agent Craig Smith we got my second listing sold in miracle time for a short sale.

I got a foundation going and a skill set that most don't get to gain because they haven't started from the ground up in a recession. I was recruited by Steven Bond in 2010 and I joined Remax Orem after a few of his calls where he opened my eyes to new production levels, new goals I didn't think were possible at the lowest point in real estate history. My new Broker Eric Adams was one of the largest Foreclosure Agents in the county. Steven Bond has now gone on to be the #1 Re/Max Agent in the state year after year and in the top 5-10 in the world as well as a brokerage- RE/MAX Equity.

I have since grown into a team that I don't brand or advertise but it's successful. I have 8 other agents I work with on my team and we together now sell about 180-190 homes every year. I appreciate my wife Julianne for taking a gamble on me in my earlier stage of real estate! She puts up with crazy hours and unknown finance waves. We are a good team.



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