Ivory Ridge & Park Estates-Lehi, UT

This community was Developed by Ivory Homes and it is a sub community of Ivory Ridge in Lehi. This Park Estates neighborhood started being developed around 2012 and in 2016 over half the community was completed with a couple hundred homes completed. In 2016 Ivory dedicated 9.5 acres to Lehi City for a large park with 1 playground on each end, a splash pad, a covered pavilion, bathrooms, and a basketball court. As of the year 2017 Ivory is about to release what I would say is one of the best designed phases of any community I've ever seen. It will be gorgeous. Lot sizes are typically .21-.33 in this neighborhood and most are flat and usable.

Homes For Sale Currently In Ivory Ridge & Park Estates

This feed is live and there may or may not be any listings right now. 

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Park Estates Homes acre lots & 9 acre Park

Park Estates is still being built. It's a large community by Ivory Homes featuring .22-.33 acre lots most of which have Side yards big enough for the toys. The streets are extra wide compared to other new communities in Lehi as well. Some homes built between 2013-2015 had $10 Hoa fees opting out of the full $100 Ivory Ridge ammenities. Now 2016 and newer are automatically apart of the 100$ master community Hoa for the pools, gym, and tennis club. 

Ivory Ridge Homes, Pool, Tennis Club

Ivory Ridge is one of Ivory's largest undertakings featuring an indoor and outdoor tennis club with outdoor pools. 2 for kids and 1 for adults. There is a fitness center as well.  

Parkside Cottages at Ivory Ridge

These cottages are super charming and low maintenance. Designed to be like the old homes found in "Sugarhouse" Sale Lake. The new phases Ivory is doing now has new styles more craftsmen looking on small low maintenance lots. The prices are good 80K less for these homes vs. Park Estates or Ivory Ridge. 

Summer "Block Parties" on Steroids.

This neighborhood has thrown a major block party in the month of July for the last couple years. They get outdoor speakers and a stage to feature local neighbors in a volunteered talent shows most commonly featuring music. At the end they get amateur professionals combined with community talent good enough to throw a solid concert.