Keys On Main- Dualing Pianos

One of My Favorite Things To Do!

One of my favorite things to do is go to dualing piano bars! You don't have to drink to have fun. Grab a coke and some food and sing a long! The talent is incredible and the energy in the room is so fun as the crowds get involved cheering and singing a long. 

One piano Player plays electronic drums on the piano and the other plays piano and they both sing and play any songs you request that they are familiar with. You leave a 5 dollar tip or more if you want your song played sooner!

Keys On Main Location in Salt Lake

  • 242 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
  • Not Neccessary, but try and get a reservation a few hours before you show up to make sure and get a table other wise you'll be standing until a seat opens which does happen often and often times there are plenty of seats to go around but a few times I've been I had to stand for a while.