Strider Bike World Championship Race - SLC, UT

Strider Bike World Championship Race - SLC, UT

Salt Lake City hosted the World Championship for strider bike races and there were 130 riders between 3-4 years old from across the united states as well as 10 different countries. The Japanese kids took the top 5 positions in the championship race.

We took our 3 year old son who we'd say as proud parents is pretty good on his bike but, then when the kids from japan showed up to race I realized my son and most of the kids here didn't have a chance! haha the parents had lowered the bars on the striders to make the kids more arrow dynamic, got the kids elbow and knee pads like speed bullet bike racers so they could drag their knee on the pavement as they lean into turns...   IT WAS AMAZING! these kids understood winning and losing and they were determined to win. They were sprinting their bikes to the finish line and the top 5 finishers were all from Japan. It was really cool to see to those kids passionately race that race. 



He and his dad were emotional after winning the 3 year old championship. This kids came from second place at the tail and and fought his way past the lead kid to take 1st in the world championship race. He and his top 5 friends from japan were half a lap ahead of the rest of the kids in a 1 lap race. lol 

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